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Form 3 Art Project Day

13th October 2022

Form 3 pupils worked with guest artists for half a day on the 10th  October.  They were able to choose from three contrasting workshops that gave them an insight into three approaches to art making.

The first workshop was run by Textiles Artist, Tansy Hargan, who has a background in architecture and landscape architecture. Tansy uses reclaimed textiles by staining, bleaching, scoring and slashing, then builds her work in stages adding multiple layers. Tansy gave students the chance to play with painting, stitching and making marks to create beautiful mixed-media collages.

The second workshop was held by Charley Peters, who is an artist based in South London. Charley grew up in Birmingham and her work is influenced by the neon lights and street lamps of the urban world.  As well as this you can see her childhood interests through her work such as Transformers cartoons, pixelated video games and science fiction book covers. The students explored some of Charley’s methods of making work using colour, shape and pattern.

Paul Raymond, who is a member of the Sketchbook Circle and a teacher, led the third workshop. Paul uses a lot of found objects and images in his work.  He takes existing pictures and objects and re-appropriates them.  He likes his sculptures to come alive so he often makes them move or “perform” in some way.  In this workshop, the students created sculptures using toys and then from plasticine before creating some GIF animations with photographs of artworks.

The guest artists managed to pack in lots of activities into the sessions and the work is now presented in an exhibition in the library foyer for everyone to enjoy.

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