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31st May 2022

Form 3 Art Exhibition Summer 2022

The Smallbone Library is hosting an exhibition of work by Form 3 artists this year. 

The exhibition gives a taste of the range of opportunities that the students have encountered: creating clay sculptures, a graphic design project, designing imaginary playgrounds and experimenting with textiles processes when considering their own identity.  There is also some work which was made on the Form 3 Art days when the Art Department invited artists to come and lead workshops for the Form 3 students, giving them a chance to explore new methods of making. 

Director of Art, Mrs Elinor Brass, said, “There is a lot of talent on show, with many of the students choosing to continue with Art and Design at GCSE”.

Students’ work features in regular exhibitions in School. The standard is indeed exceptional, with Oakham pupils regularly winning art and design awards.

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