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12th February 2021

Form 2 pupils explore algorithms ‘unplugged’

Form 2 pupils in Computer Science have been exploring algorithms ‘unplugged’ this half-term using game design as inspiration.

Head of Computer Science, Mr Michael Croft tells us more;

“The pupils completed tasks off-screen, returning to their screen in the last few minutes of each lesson to type-up their answers. We’ve designed the tasks to be engaging whilst stretching pupils’ algorithmic-thinking capabilities. Pupils must think-ahead for all the steps to solve the problem without being able to simply brute-force a solution on a computer. They must then dry-run their algorithm to trace the path of the little character to test and debug their algorithm. Each lesson they have been introduced to new algorithmic concepts and then used them to solve the puzzles.”

Oakham offers an effective and engaging distance learning timetable, structuring lessons around both off and onscreen learning and balancing activities with screen time. These computer science classes are a very good example of this.

An example of a pupil’s work is below:-

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