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1st July 2024

Form 2 Combine Art with French Studies

In the summer term, the French and Art departments collaborated on an interdisciplinary project exploring the theme of technology.

The pupils had a creative morning in the Art department, either working in 3D, creating fashion-inspired pieces or mixed media constructions.  The sessions were an opportunity to work with intensity but also to learn new and exciting approaches to making.

In Sculpture, the students created casts in plaster from the impressions they had created into clay using mechanical objects.  In Textiles, they took inspiration from French inventions to create structural fashion pieces together using recycled materials and the final group created playful mixed media pieces inspired by the colourful work of Liaqat Rasul and computer circuit boards.

Onatti French Play

Following this, 2 Onatti actors came back to Oakham School to perform in front of both our Form 1 and Form 2 pupils.

The play was called “le cours d’art” – the art lesson. The pupils enjoyed the active and engaging learning that the fantastic Onatti actors provided with Bailey (Form 1) proving to be a great entertainer when asked to participate.

Thank you Onatti for another brilliant play.

Presentations en Francais

In their following French lessons, Form 2 imagined they are hosting an art exhibition in France. Using good topic vocabulary from previous lesson, they presented and described their finished pieces of art to there classmates en Francais!

The project encouraged collaborative learning enriching the knowledge of the Form 2 pupils through the interdisciplinary learning across subjects.

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