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13th October 2021

Form 1 pupils continue with their MYP Community Project

This week saw Form 1 pupils continue with their MYP Community Project, which they started on their MYP Induction day in September. 

The pupils’ focus moved away from their previous study of individuals and global problems and onto groups of people and communities. 

Throughout the day the pupils debated the definition of ‘Community’ offered by the author of A City Year, Suzanne Goldsmith, and tried to form their own definition through a carefully structured schedule of activities that included a drama workshop delivered by professional actors.

Dmitriy Ashton, IB MYP Co-ordinator, observes: “Members of a community typically feel a sense of responsibility to one another – something that we wanted to emphasise during the day. This will lead on to our next Community Day session, where we will explore how global problems affect our local communities and how pupils can take responsible actions to support the members of their local communities.”

Adrian Morris, Head of Lower School, concludes: “It was wonderful to see Form 1 fully engage with their latest MYP day. Whether at School or at home online, the boys and girls worked hard at creating thought-provoking posters identifying links within and between the many communities that they are associated with. I am very grateful for the MYP team’s efforts in enabling this worthy day off timetable, including a visit from a drama workshop.”

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