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Form 1 Focus on Food Waste and Global Hunger

10th February 2023

Form 1 spent time this week exploring the topics of food waste and global hunger as they continued with their IB MYP Service and Action with a focus on common humanity. Specifically relating this to UN Sustainable Development Goals #2 Zero Hunger and #12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

The week began with a tour of the school kitchens led by two of the Catering Managers. Pupils were given an insight into how food is stored, prepared and served to around 1,500 people daily.

Following this, pupils were tasked with investigating food waste facts, exploring the idea of community kitchens and looking at the seasonality of food and meal planning.

Pupils spent time in the library researching articles and watching videos to inspire their very own meal planning templates and infographics which will help raise awareness among pupils of the difference we can all make, even on a small scale.

Look out for their infographics around School as we approach Food Waste Action Week in March and actively highlight the important issues of food waste and global hunger.

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