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Form 1 Community Day

26th March 2024

Form 1 pupils spent their Community Day discussing food and water  insecurity with a specific focus on Cambodia, linking their learning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals they had explored in the Winter Term.  This focus was particularly appropriate as 20th March is La Journee Internationale de la Francophonie, which Cambodia is part of due to its colonial history.

Reasons for food and water insecurity in Cambodia were investigated before looking at different projects run by Camps International, a social enterprise providing school expeditions and responsible tourism in partnership with local communities.  These included building chicken coups, making water pots and digging village wells in rural areas of Cambodia which pupils then found out much more about during an exciting video call to Camps International staff working on those projects in Cambodia.

Bunlay, the Camp Cambodia Country Manager, explained the work carried out in two rural communities in Cambodia which are greatly affected by food and water shortages, and happily answered many well-considered questions that were thrown at him from the four rooms where pupils were taking part.  The technology-gods were clearly smiling on us for this event as everything ran smoothly despite participants being in Oakham, the New Forest, Peru and Cambodia which rounded off this year’s Community Action for Form 1 in a memorable way.


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