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23rd April 2020

For the Love of Scrubs

Oakham School is proud to be supporting the local ‘For the love of Scrubs’ team who are producing essential PPE for the NHS. The School’s industrial washing machines are now ‘on’ with the important task of cleaning all the donated fabric prior to it being made up into scrubs.

“Originally we were just asked for materials from Gill Hayes, who is co-ordinating the local ‘For the love of Scrubs’ appeal,” says Estates Manager, Patrick Trower.  “But we realised that we could do more than just provide fabric; including taking on all the laundering they need. Our industrial machines have sped up this process considerably; enabling a quicker turn-around and allowing those who can sew to spend more time making the scrubs rather than washing and ironing.”

As well as raiding the School’s own supply of fabric, from the Textiles department to that of our resident Seamstress, all staff members have been asked to donate any fabric along with the accruements needed to make the Scrubs (bias binding, piping cord etc). There’s now a safe drop-off point for the fabric, which is then laundered and delivered to Gill and her team of volunteers who then make it into scrubs. 

“It’s wonderful, at this time, to offer our practical support in any way we can,” concludes Patrick who is co-ordinating the School’s support. “We are just one small part of the ‘For the love of Scrubs’ team, but we’re proud to help to help our local NHS workers to stay safe at this time. It’s also fantastic that the ‘For the love of Scrubs’ sewing team have made Oakham School a supply of re-usable face masks and laundry bags for our volunteers who are making face visors.  The community is truly coming together to support each other in order to support the NHS.”

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