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3rd July 2023

Farewell Class of 2023 Leavers

Leavers' Ball 2023


Oakham School’s Class of 2023 ended their schooldays in style with a series of special leavers’ events during the final week of term.

On the final Wednesday of term there was a staff vs leavers cricket match that saw the teachers win by the narrowest of margins. The following night, many Form 7 leavers could be seen playing and singing their hearts out at the Big Band Concert in the marquee on Doncaster Close.

On the final day of term there was a dedicated Leavers’ Service in the Chapel, attended by Form 7 leavers, their parents and members of staff. A traditional rite of passage for all departing pupils, the Service was filled with favourite hymns such as ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Guide me, O thou great Redeemer’, readings from the Heads of School, an address given by Headmaster Henry Price, and music from the Choir.

After the service, the pupils could pick up their Leavers’ Bags containing their Leavers’ Book, together with an engraved Old Oakhamian water bottle, a welcome gift from the Old Oakhamian (OO) Club. As they make their transition from Oakhamians to Old Oakhamians (OOs), our pupils join thousands of former Oakham School pupils with whom they share a special lifelong connection. This year the Leavers’ Bags had a watercolour painting of the Chapel as part of the design that lent extra poignancy to their final day as school pupils.

In her farewell message within the Leavers’ Book, Head of Upper School Megan Fairley, advised: “Go now and take your brilliant, forward-looking, world-changing selves out beyond our gates to show the world what Oakham’s Upper School is truly made of. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you have been. And remember: we are the torch runners.”

Later that evening, leavers, their parents and members of staff gathered in the marquee on Doncaster Close for the Leavers’ Ball. There they enjoyed a drinks reception and dinner chosen from a range of food vans offering street food from around the world, an ice cream van, cheeseboard and coffee van. Entertainment came in the form of live music from popular band Shut up and Dance, followed by a fireworks display and disco; a fantastic way to finish the year.

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