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3rd February 2022

F4 Classical Civilisation pupils enjoy field trip to the British Museum

On Tuesday the 1st of February, Mr Favill and Dr Leveritt took the F4 Classical Civilisation pupils on a field trip to the British Museum to view some of the artefacts and artworks, which are studied in their GCSE course.

The British Museum has one of the world’s finest collection of artefacts from antiquity and pupils were able to see objects they have studied first-hand, including the famous carved marble sculptures from the Parthenon in Athens, the Bassae Frieze, and several important bronze statuettes.

Dr Leveritt tells us more:-

“The pupils were able to examine close up some of the objects studied in their GCSE, as well as gain practice interpreting unprescribed material. For example, we spotted three of the coins pictured below – now among the most expensive ancient coins ever – issued by Brutus, one of the assassins of Caesar. They also came face to face with a bust of the emperor Trajan, whose bloody campaigns in Dacia form a key study, as recorded beautifully and gruesomely on Trajan’s column. It was an excellent day and it was very helpful for our pupils to see such works in person.”

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