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12th October 2021

F2 RP and Geography Trip to Leicester and Bradgate Park

On Monday 11th October Form 2 took their annual trip to Leicester with the Religion and Philosophy (RP) and Geography Departments.

Teacher of Geography Rebecca Hurst tells us more:-

In the morning, the pupils visited the Leicester Islamic Centre (The central mosque), where they enjoyed an excellent talk from one of the Imams and then a tour of the mosque. The young Oakhamians were full of great questions and learned a lot about the key features of the mosque as well as details about practising the Islamic faith. From the city centre, the group then went to Bradgate Park on the city’s outskirts, which is known for its wild deer and dramatic rocky outcrops and ancient oak trees. Pupils carried out some activities at different sites around the park that allowed them to practise a range of the MYP Learner Profiles, such as being “caring and principled” when looking for signs on how to improve the care for the park’s environment. Overall, F2 were a credit to the School, and they enjoyed their first whole-year trip for a couple of years.

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