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6th December 2021

F1 pupils enjoy Bookbuzz Breakfast and a visit by renowned author Marcus Sedgwick

Pupils in Form 1 have had a busy time in the library recently starting their Bookbuzz programme and enjoying a talk by renowned author Marcus Sedgwick.  

Head Librarian Lucy Breag tells us more:-

BookBuzz breakfast F1 Weds 1 Dec 2021

“Weeks of waiting finally came to an end on 1 Dec when F1 pupils received the BookBuzz book they had chosen at the start of October.  As they arrived in the Smallbone Library at 8.30 am, they were greeted by the smell of fresh, warm pastries and piles of brand new books waiting to be read.  Pupils in each house group had the chance to find their book, sit down, begin to read, and chat to their friends, as well as some special guests, before savouring a pain au chocolat or pain aux raisins kindly provided by the Barraclough staff.  

BookBuzz is a book-gifting scheme run by Book Trust, an independent UK reading and writing charity, which provides pupils with a book at the start of their secondary schooling.  At Oakham, we have chosen to take part in this scheme with F1 pupils to underline the importance the school attaches to reading and the benefits it provides for the whole of their educational experience.

Marcus Sedgwick Virtual Author Visit F1 Monday 6 Dec 2021

From his home in France, Marcus made a return visit to Oakham this morning to speak to pupils in F1 about his novel Floodland, which they have been studying this term; about the highs and lows of being a writer; and about the process he uses when he is writing – which he stressed was different for every author he has ever met.  He also answered a myriad of questions that were aimed at him – many of which he had never been asked before, so it is wonderful to know that our pupils are so imaginative and thoughtful.

Pupils were amazed to learn that Marcus never goes back to his books once they have been published to think about what he could have done better; that authors don’t have much control over their novels once they have been bought by a publisher, especially not at the start of their career anyway; and that it can take so long to write a novel as the ideas can take years to formulate.  Everyone was, however, pleasantly surprised to hear that, as an author, it is possible to earn money while you sleep -for example if a book is sold in Hong Kong while you are asleep in the UK or that you can still make money from something you wrote 22 years ago -if a book you wrote in English is translated into another language by someone else and then copies get sold.  No wonder so many first formers still thought they might like to consider being an author as the morning came to a close!”

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