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16th October 2023

Exciting Diving Trip to Egypt

Day 1

“It has been a busy but ultimately successful day today here in Egypt. Good orientation and refresher dives all around this morning.

The students are diving really well although some are recognising the need to keep to keep hydrated in the dry conditions! Dive debrief is under way prior to a well-earned dinner.”



Day 2

“Another good day here in El Quseir, particularly for the trainee divers. Qualifying as Open Water was  just reward for all the hard work that they have put in. This is just the start of their diving journey. Well done all!”

“For those that are already qualified, tomorrow will offer the opportunity to complete their Advanced Open Water qualification by doing a navigation dive and a deep dive.”



Day 3

“Lots of good work done today by those working on their Advanced Open Water Qualification. Students completed a deep dive and a navigation dive very impressively to finish the course. Well done on your new qualification!”

“The newly qualified Open Water divers were able to relax and enjoy their dives without being assessed today. From now on it’s all about having fun and gaining experience!”

“Hopefully we’ll go to a new dive site tomorrow and there’ll also be the opportunity for a night dive.”

“Everyone is mixing in well and enjoying themselves-happy students = happy staff!”



Day 4

A very chilled day today!

The day kicked off with a gentle dive this morning with the Objective of finding particular fish species before have a trek along the beach to check out a wrecked boat.

After lunch we took mesh bags to collect rubbish from the reef, reassuringly there was very little to find.

All is going well – you could say swimmingly!



Day 5

We finished what has been an excellent trip with an excursion to the amazing dive site of Serib Kebir.

Whilst some of the divers were floating inside a “bait ball” made up of thousands of baby barracuda, others were swimming through the intricate passages and towering canyons of the reef system. An awesome experience!

This has been a really fantastic trip – the students have been excellent ambassadors both for Oakham School and the dive school. Lots of other divers, both amateur and professional, have complimented our students on their ability and attitude.

They have all worked hard to complete courses and develop their skills – and they have had fun doing it.


See all the images as the trip progresses @Oakhamoutdoors


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