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14th October 2021

Exciting Art Project Day for Form 3

Form 3 artists enjoyed an exciting Art Project day last Monday, with three artists leading workshops using some diverse approaches and techniques.

Rebecca Griffiths is an artist, educator and graduate from the Royal College of Art who works with 3D materials. Her workshop explored some innovative approaches to art making, using carving, casting and construction.

Charlotte Gaunt works with textiles and print to create beautiful designs for interiors. Charlotte supported pupils with creating stencils which were then used to develop their own screen prints, heat transfer and embroidery.

Finally, Sue Riley introduced her expressive approach to textiles, allowing students to develop rich, layered book covers. 

The full day of activity was followed up with a half-day of exploring new processes by Oakham’s Art teachers including collage, bookbinding, carving, casting, batik, embroidery and scraffito.

Director of Art, Elinor Brass, said, “The Form 3 creative project allows pupils to explore new approaches and they created some exceptional work. Thank you to the visiting artists whose workshops were successful and engaging.  The pupils developed new skills and gained a new perspective on art.”

There is an exhibition of work from the workshops in the Smallbone Library opening on the 15th October.

All Oakham School pupils from Lower 1 -3 take part in a programme of practical arts, through which they are introduced to a range of skills and creative expression and enjoy experimenting with materials following the Middle Years Programme IB.

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