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1st April 2021

Entrepreneurial DT pupil designs a standing desk for charity

An entrepreneurial Design and Technology Scholar from Oakham School has been inspired during Lockdown to design, manufacture and sell a standing desk – with all profits going to charity!

Adam, who is in Form 3 at Oakham School, was inspired to make the standing desk for his father. “It was coming up to Christmas and I thought that a Standing desk would be a good present for my Dad,” says Adam. “Once I started to look into them, I quickly realised that most were expensive and aren’t practical to store, so I made one myself.”

The enterprising student soon realised that the desk was in demand, following interest from other friends and family – especially as Lockdown has seen so many people working from home.  Adam, therefore, decided to find a manufacturer to upscale production and, after honing the design, he had created a desk that was ready to sell. The finished product, which costs £99, is available to buy on his newly created website  adamimpactdesign.com.

Adam is donating 100% of the profits made from the sales of the desks to FareShare, a charity network aimed at relieving food poverty and reducing food waste in the UK.  “Since the start of this whole project, I’ve wanted to give all the profits to charity and I chose the charity FareShare because I believe that no one should be hungry,” continues Adam. “At the moment because of the pandemic, many people have lost their source of income and unfortunately, this means even more people are struggling to put food on their plates for their families, and this is why the work that FareShare does is so important now.”

“We are incredibly proud of Adam and all that he has achieved,” says Oakham School’s Head of Design and Technology.  “He has done an outstanding job – to not only design the desk to be an effective and desirable product, but to find and work with manufacturers.  As well as setting up the business side of the enterprise too – designing a great website and sorting out payment methods. The fact that he is also using all of his entrepreneurial talents to raise funds for such an important charity at this time is just wonderful, and he should be incredibly proud of what he has accomplished and how it will benefit others.”   

Oakham School has also been supporting Adam’s brilliant initiative, with his House Master purchasing a number of desks for Tutors to use.  

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