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Oakham School's Maths Department

English and Maths Departments Get Summer Makeovers

16th August 2023

Oakham School’s English and Maths Departments have both received  visual makeovers prior to the start of the Winter Term 2023.

The English and Maths corridors, both located in the Merton Building, now feature vibrant wall art installations.

The English Department’s artwork is based around the theme of classic works of fiction.

12 boldly coloured canvases each feature the cover of an iconic book, stylised as if to belong to a fictional Oakham Classics series. Each canvas also features a notable quote from the book.

Oakham School's English Deparment

The range of books featured in the artwork was curated by Oakham School’s Head of English, Dr Emma Reddy, and range from Shakespeare to contemporary works from the likes of Toni Morrison and Tennessee Williams.

The Maths Department’s design features floor-to-ceiling visual representations of mathematical concepts using bold colours and eye-catching layouts.

Concepts explored through the art range from identifying simple 2D shapes to the gradient function.

It also includes some visually impressive patterns derived from mathematical concepts, such as the Voronoi diagram and Koch snowflake.

Speaking about the new artwork, Marketing & Communications Manager Tim Webster said: “We’re delighted to bring a fresh, new look to these busy areas of the School.

“The aim was not only to create areas that are cheerful and visually appealing, but also to use the artworks to inspire and inform.

“Thank you to the Maths and English Departments and to our external design partners for contributing to making this project happen.”

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