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13th November 2020

Engineering accolades for Oakhamians 

Pupils from Oakham School have successfully completed the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) and their Gold Crest Award – despite the challenge of remote working due to lockdown.   

Ella, Jeremiah, Lizzie and Nathan were working as a team on the EES project prior to the Spring lockdown. They have just received their certification which shows they have ‘graduated as an Industrial Cadet  – Gold Level – through participating in the Engineering Education Scheme’. Ella, Jeremiah and Lizzie have also achieved their Gold Crest Award for their endeavours.  

“It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the pupils that they continued the project whilst working remotely over the Summer term,” says Head of Design Technology, Tim Weston.  

Pupils from Oakham School have a long history of taking part in the EES scheme, working collaboratively with local manufacturing companies to successfully solve real-life engineering problems.  For many years pupils have worked with Mecc Alte, the world’s largest independent producer of alternators, which is based in Oakham.  The School has enjoyed great success with the EES in the past, with some of the pupils’ designs actually being put into production and use – including large-scale cooling systems.  

This year’s team were challenged to find a potential solution to the company’s need to strip the hard resin coating from wire to use with its machinery.  Unable to present their prototypes to the EES judges in person – as would normally happen – the team instead compiled a compelling presentation with voice overs and video of their work.  

“The pupils should feel incredibly proud of what they have achieved during such difficult circumstances,” concludes Tim.  

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