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7th May 2021

Drums and Percussion Recital

Form 4 music scholar, Eddie, has recorded a brilliant recital for this week’s Music at Lunchtime recital. Eddie showcased his talents on drum kit, unaccompanied snare drum and xylophone.

The recital opened with Island Magic, a groove-based fusion piece requiring a high level of co-ordination control, punchy tom attack and precisely executed figures. Eddie confronted these unique challenges with precision and confidence, resulting in an accomplished performance.

Next, we heard American Suite, a five-movement work for unaccompanied snare drum by Guy Gauthreaux II. The suite is primarily based on a short rhythmic motive which is manipulated throughout, using a range of virtuosic techniques. Eddie showcased a high level of rudimental control and clear accenting.

Steinquest’s Rudimental Ragtime followed, allowing Eddie to demonstrate his talent on the xylophone and exhibiting many technical elements such as doubles and rolls.

The recital concluded with Loco Pacomillo by Gastaldin, a Latin fusion piece requiring strong coordination to consistently execute the grooves. Eddie created a solo which incorporated cascara rhythms and timbales.

The full recital can be watched here.

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