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20th January 2022

Doc Soc lecture on the topic of ethics

Members of the Oakham School Medical Society (DocSoc) recently met in a Covid-safe learning environment for an insightful lecture and discussion on the topic of ethics. Oakham pupils were joined by their counterparts from Harington School.

They learned about principles, empathy, confidentiality, NHS values and the Francis Report, which examined the causes of failings in care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Andrew Nicoll, Teacher of Biology, said: “The pupils were engaging, and it was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn to ‘stick to their ideals’ as these professions are vocations, not just jobs.”

Oakham’s Medical Society runs an extensive programme of lectures, guest visits and practice interviews for those pupils interested in applying for clinical courses at university. The programme is enriched by the attendance and participation of similarly minded young people from Harington School.

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