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29th June 2020

Creativity abounds in the Art Department

The staff in the Art Department have been impressed by how innovative and resourceful all the pupils have been this term, sharing their experiences of lockdown and considering their own environment.

Director of Art, Elinor Brass, tells us more:-

“The Lower School and Form 3 pupils have had a wide variety of projects including creating postcards, journals, land art, positivity posters, photography, digital art, experiments in graphic design and designing newspapers.

Form 4 pupils have developed exciting personal work on the theme of ‘Collections’ and Fifth Formers have taken part in the playful Bridging courses for Art and Critical and Contextual Studies (CCS).

Form 6 pupils developed pieces from research that they had started before lockdown, using materials they could find around them. They also allowed the project to change direction in response to what is the ‘new now’.  

We say goodbye to a very talented group of Form 7 pupils who have produced exceptional work through their two-year course, pushing the boundaries in their disciplines of Painting, Textiles and Sculpture. You can view a few of the pupils discussing and showing some of their artwork here.  The standard of work for CCS has also been exceptional through thorough research and innovative approaches to exhibition design. 

We were happy to offer Seventh Formers the chance to explore fashion and architecture, or a course on image and narrative through their Bridging course, giving those who took part a taste of what learning at University will be like.   

Moreover, the Art department Instagram account has been the go-to place for ideas as well as a space to share some of our pupils’ outstanding work.”

The value of art and creativity has been reinforced over the past couple of months, as it has helped everyone stay connected, inspired and improved well-being. The department’s next art exhibition is entitled ‘Life After Lockdown’, and will showcase work by pupils and school staff. It is due to be held upon everyone’s return to School. 

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