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6th December 2021

Clipsham winners of the Interhouse Debating Finals

Last week saw the Finals of the Senior Interhouse Debating competition, with Clipsham and Barrow debating whether “This House would raise the legal age to hold a social media account”, in front of their fellow peers in the Wilson Auditorium. Barrow were the proposing side, with Clipsham opposing.

The debate saw strong arguments from either side. The proposition leaned on the potential safety and mental health issues that social media can threaten. As well as proposing that, similar to age restrictions on alcohol and tobacco, a higher age limit would give the effect of greater thought about the consequences of use if underage. Alternatively, the opposition countered this with the argument that age restrictions are incredibly hard to enforce, especially with regards to online accounts and that greater emphasis should be placed on the education of social media and how it can be used for good, linking to recent COVID society, and social media’s role in keeping friends and family connected.

Clipsham narrowly emerged the victors, with the judges, including Headmaster Mr Price, noting their “stronger rhetoric and coordination as a team”. Nonetheless, both teams debated superbly, offering a fitting conclusion to this year’s competition.

Next term shall see the continuation of debating, with the Middle School iteration of the competition!  

Report by Josh Arnold, Teacher of History

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