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16th October 2020

Clinical Courses Applications 2020

The fifteenth of October each year marks the UCAS deadline for Form 7 applications for medicine, veterinary and dentistry courses at UK universities.  

Prior to completion of those applications, candidates from Oakham School and Harington School were on the receiving end of testing questions from a distinguished panel of guest interviewers, participating in round 2 of formal practice clinical interviews. This year they were undertaken entirely online.  Interviewers included local veterinarians, doctors and a dentist, as well as military medics, a surgeon and a university professor.  

It was a special pleasure to have Old Oakhamians Dr Megan Nagel (14), Dr Rayyan Anwar (11) and recent medical graduate Surgeon Lt Issy Guy RN (14) on the team, who were delighted to be helping their successors from their old school.  Dr Guy has previously assisted Dr Nicoll, Oakham’s leader of Clinical Courses, with school events at the Royal Society of Medicine (both pictured in 2011 with the late Professor John Betteridge far right) and we hope all three of these young doctors will continue to offer us their valuable expertise in the future.  We thank all members of our interview panel and assure them their work for us is greatly appreciated by the pupils.  

Dr Andrew Nicoll FRSB, FRSA

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