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7th December 2021

Celebrating 20 Years of the IB Diploma at Oakham School

Oakham School is proud to celebrate 20 years of offering the IB Diploma, in a year that also marks its accreditation as an IBMYP World School.

The School is renowned for its forward-thinking approach, continuing to innovate and develop the best education for its pupils – both in and outside the classroom. This milestone marks a major landmark in offering a diverse co-curricular education, underpinning the School’s knowledge and experience across decades of teaching.

It was in 2001 that Oakham was officially accredited to offer the IB Diploma, and over the years has become recognised as one of the leading IB Diploma Programme schools in the UK and the world.

The School values the fact that the IB Diploma is about much more than just academic success, as the programme strives to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who will make a difference to the world, and in the world.

Former Oakham School pupil Benedict, who successfully completed his IB Diploma this summer, said: “Studying the IB Diploma at Oakham has been a formative experience, inspiring in me a love of learning. The IB’s rigorous curriculum and coursework have forced me out of my intellectual comfort zone and helped me to develop resilience and flexibility; qualities that I believe are more important than academic achievement in the long run. IB students don’t only learn for good grades; they learn for life.”

As well as academic excellence, the diverse curriculum also includes key aspects such as problem-solving through off-timetable skills days – meaning that IB Diploma students have left school with key attributes for future success – including collaboration, taking the initiative, perseverance, and decision making.

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