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8th July 2021

Bridging Courses, Trips and Activities Prepare Pupils in Forms 5 and 7 for the Future

Pupils in Forms 5 and 7 enjoyed a variety of Bridging Courses, trips and activities to educate, entertain and inspire them following the end of their assessments.

Form 5 enjoyed a two-week programme of activities and courses introducing them to life in the Upper School, including the return of last year’s popular Bridging Courses. As well as taking four lessons in each of their chosen Upper School subjects, students engaged in a ‘skills’ programme with options such as Model United Nations, critical thinking, careers and mindfulness.

New Head of Upper School, Megan Fairley, said: “Each subject lesson and skills session was designed to prepare pupils for life in the Sixth Form, encouraging them to look ahead to new ways of working and new opportunities.”

Enriching academic mornings were complemented with fitness options such as spin classes and yoga, a trip to Rutland’s Aqua Park and Oakham’s very own ‘Taskmaster’ run by Form 6.

Pupils in Form 7 also took part in a range of courses and activities to round off their school careers, giving them the chance to experience a part of School life denied to them over the past year due to the pandemic. IB Diploma students, who finished their assessments at the beginning of the Summer Term, experienced activities that included reflexology, bike rides, a 10k walk, a first aid course, Barista training, personal safety and self-defence training, wine tasting and trips to Hunstanton, Cambridge and Oxford.

They were later joined by their A-level counterparts with a trip to Oxford and paintballing being particular highlights.

Form 7 academic bridging courses were exiting opportunities for students to broaden their horizons in a subject of their choice. There were also careers sessions with tips on making job applications and writing a CV. Several OO entrepreneurs also returned to the School to give their advice to pupils on career options post School.

House socials and fun barbeques made the time even more enjoyable. Housemistress of Round House Emma Durston and Housemaster of School House David Taylor said, “This year is far from a normal one and consequently we felt that it was important to offer some alternative end of year options. The pupils have worked extremely hard through this most difficult of terms. They have proved themselves to be remarkable, resourceful and resilient young people and we were determined that they finish their schooldays with an enjoyable and appropriate flourish.”


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