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10th November 2021

Brain Hats Created by Psychology Pupils

IB Psychology pupils have gotten creative and made brain hats to help them understand the different functions of the human mind.

As a subject introduced this academic year at Oakham School, Psychology gives pupils a chance to learn about the biological and sociocultural aspects of how our brains work and how humans behave.

Form 6 pupil Daniel said: “We’ve really enjoyed learning about biological explanations of human behaviour, specifically localisation of function, which is the idea that specific parts of the brain have localised and specialised functions.”

“To help further our understanding, we created ‘brain hats’ to help see where the different parts of our brain are and understand their specific functions.”

The pupils have also been looking at the research of Maguire et al (2000), who researched how spatial memory was localised to the hippocampus. Research showed that taxi drivers in London had a larger posterior hippocampus and that their spatial memory increased the longer they had been driving.

Pupils can study Psychology at A-Level as well as in the IB Diploma, with both courses allowing them to learn more about conscious and unconscious phenomena, including the feelings and thoughts humans have. Find out more about Psychology at Oakham School.

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