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6th October 2021

BioSoc members enjoy insight into teachers’ scientific interests and expertise

The first Biology Society (BioSoc) of the academic year saw members of Forms 6 and 7 listening to talks relating to different aspects of biology and chemistry. The talks covered a variety of topics and gave a look into some of the research the members of staff had taken before joining the school.

Teacher of Biology Dr Nicoll opened the event by explaining some of the research he undertook to do with the brain, and specifically the visual cortex. Teacher of Biology Mr Clint then followed and talked about his love of bird watching, but explained that he views himself as a birder, and not a twitcher. Two teachers from the chemistry department spoke next and Dr Dudin displayed an insight into how he found his enjoyment as an undergraduate, before then going on to do a masters and PhD in organic chemistry. An engaging insight into the biology and chemistry in beer was given by Mr Foster, which included the ingredients and process involved in making the beverage. Head of Biology Dr Ingles, spoke about her research into voltage-gated sodium channels, and how she owned a patent for a gene. Mr Chohan told us about how he was using his scientific background to make the perfect Neapolitan pizza, whilst Dr Isaac explained her research which included human placentas. The final talk was given by Miss Bulmaga and she talked about her research into DNA repair, combining both biology and chemistry.

All the talks were thoroughly enjoyable and individual, whilst also providing an opportunity for the students to broaden their knowledge of biology and chemistry.

Dr Ingles said: “It was wonderful to hear the range of experiences and stories shared by colleagues from different departments.’

Report by Lucy Form 7

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