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18th January 2022

Bestselling author, Abi Elphinstone, inspires Lower 1 pupils

Bestselling author, Abi Elphinstone, who wrote the fantastical Unmapped Chronicles series, virtually ‘visited’ Lower 1 pupils today. In the workshop that followed, Abi inspired everyone to get their imagination flowing and helped them dream up magical kingdoms and characters.

Head Librarian Lucy Breag tells us more:-

“Visiting us from her writing shed on the east coast of Scotland, Abi gave the pupils lots of writing advice, telling them all they need to do to be a writer is to have lots of ideas, especially that one idea that no-one else has had yet. These ideas come from adventures experienced and places explored, and she told them to keep their eyes open and notice things that others don’t. In fact, this idea of looking up from your screens, discovering the world around you and realising the joy and wonder in the world was a point she was keen to get across most strongly to pupils.  Her own adventures in icy Scottish rivers, the snow-covered Mongolian desert and an isolated island in the Norwegian fjords only added to the excitement and inspiration.

Pupils enjoyed planning and creating their own magical kingdom maps, and we hope to invite Abi back to school again to start the next year off with a bang!”

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