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30th November 2021

Behind the Scenes with the Cast and Crew of Singin’ in the Rain

In anticipation of our upcoming musical spectacular, Singin’ in the Rain starting tonight, we sat down with some of the cast and crew members to get a behind the scenes insight into the production.

Showing in our fantastic Queen Elizabeth Theatre from 30 November to 4 December, drama students are getting ready to put on a show as they bring the iconic old-Hollywood story to life.

As we prepare for the opening night, the cast and crew talked about the highlights of the show, their favourite musicals and who inspires them to be creative.  

Pupil: Form 7 – Zsolti

Cast member: I play Don Lockwood, a famous movie star in Hollywood

What have you enjoyed most about your involvement in the production? I’ve always loved the dance element of Musicals and I’ve really enjoyed learning and performing the choreography

Favourite part of Singin’ in the Rain? It’s got to be Lina’s number “What’s Wrong With Me?” I’m in stitches every time!

Best stage prop or costume? I get to wear a very fancy Cashmere-style coat. It’s quite heavy but I always love wearing it

Who inspires you? I’ve always looked up to Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor: his style is so unique and intense, and I always find his characters captivating

What do you like outside of the theatre? I am involved in a lot of music, singing in choirs and playing flute in the school band; however, my main other focus is Maths, a subject which I’ve always loved and found fascinating

Favourite musical aside from Singin’ in the Rain? I’d probably say The Play that goes Wrong, as so many of the things that go wrong throughout the show are incredibly relatable for an actor, from costume issues to line troubles. It’s nice to be laughing at it for once rather than it happening to me!


Pupil: Form 7 – Chloe

Cast member: Cosmo

Favourite line/ part of Singin’ in the Rain? I love my scenes with Zsolti (Don) because we are amazing friends in real life so when we go on stage together, we just have our real friendship showing through. Nothing you see between Zsolti and I is forced. I also love my sarcastic lines at Izzy (Lina). Izzy is my best friend and throwing sarcasm at her on stage is amazing and vice versa because we react the same as we would off stage.

I love my character and lines because it is basically me in a role. I’m a sarcastic person in real life and the emotion and facial expressions I’ve given Cosmo are basically just Chloe on stage.

Best stage prop? The rainbow umbrellas

What can the audience expect from the production? They can expect a lot of laughs, amazing dance routines and great acting. Everything the audience sees has been directed by Mrs Norell and choreographed by Mrs Robinson and if they don’t like it, it won’t be in the production so the audience can assure it will be amazing all round.

 What do you like outside of the theatre? I sing pretty much every day and I like seeing my friends but within school the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is my other main focus. I’m head of RAF and have enjoyed being part of the contingent since 4th form.


Pupil: Form 7 – Izzy

Cast member: Lena Lamont

What have you enjoyed most about your involvement in the production? I have really liked watching the younger years act and I’ve enjoyed playing my part because I’ve never played the antagonist in a production before!

Best stage prop? In my opinion, the best stage prop is the fuzzy tarantula. I hate spiders but it’s very cute!

What’s the atmosphere been like at rehearsals? The atmosphere has been cheerful yet tense, because as a cast we are excited, however it’s the last Main School Production for the 7th form and we want it to be great!

What can the audience expect from the production? The audience need to be ready for some wonderful and…questionable singing, as well as brilliant dances and glitzy costumes. They can also expect some of the musical numbers to be stuck in their heads for a while – there are some real earworm songs!

What do you like outside of the theatre? The two things I love doing is acting and art. I do Art and History of Art for A-levels and I’ve started to include performance art into my studies which is great because it combines the two.

Singin’ in the Rain has now completely sold out! Keep up to date with the next productions and find out more about Drama and Theatre at Oakham School.

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