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Behind the Scenes of Into The Woods

24th November 2022

In anticipation of our upcoming musical spectacular, Into the Woods making its way to the stage next week, we sat down with some of the cast members to get a behind the scenes look at the production.

Photo Into The Woods for web drama

Showing in our wonderful Queen Elizabeth Theatre from 29 November to 3 December, drama students are getting ready to put on a show as they deliver the classic yet modern tale involving everyone’s favourite storybook characters.

As we prepare for the opening night, the cast talked about the highlights of the show, the atmosphere backstage and what audiences can expect from the performance.

Pupil: Sarah, Form 7

Sarah Into The Woods for web Drama

Cast member: Lucinda

Tell us more about your character: Lucinda is one of Cinderella’s famous ugly stepsisters and, as the younger of the two siblings, she is larger than life and devious in character. I’ve had enormous fun portraying this mischievous character and cannot wait to share her devilish personality with an audience.

What do you like most about the production? I like the storyline and plot that we have been given the opportunity to explore. Dealing with old fashioned fairy tales come to life, Into The Woods is a beautiful exploration of the impacts our actions have on one another. It allows us to explore both the ugliness and beauty of the relationships and the discovery of how you can only make it through the impossible if you stick together.

What’s the atmosphere like backstage? Developing this show together in the short period of three months has been an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved and has led to the formation of a lovely bond between the cast and crew. It is also important to mention the pivotal influence of our fantastic director, Mrs Norell, who embodies the beating heart of this and every production she does.

Pupil: Max, Form 7

Max Into The Woods for web drama

Cast member: The Baker

What have you enjoyed most about the production? What I like most about the play is the people in it. The production takes up a lot of my time and yet I enjoy every second I am there which is down to the people I’m with. Over time you achieve such a connection with each and every person there that you become a kind of family.

How have rehearsals gone? Everyone is really supportive. Rehearsals in this play have gone as they would in every play, they start off incredibly laid back until you realise that there’s not long left until this is being performed in front of a real crowd, the tension will immediately rise. However, the atmosphere backstage is the changing factor. Everyone is so respectful of your space and if they realise you are struggling with a certain scene, they will comfort you and then run through the words with you.

What can the audience expect from the production? Seeing Into The Woods, you can expect an emotional rollercoaster of a play. Both from the play itself and, due to the time and effort put into the show, from the cast members a crew.

Pupil: Aggie, Form 3

Aggie Into The Woods for web

Cast member: The Narrator

Tell us more about your character: I am one of two narrators, playing a young child who is being told a bedtime story. I can see a world that no one else sees and I am very sneaky and curious.

What do you like most about the production? The thing I like the most is the mesmerising set as it has lots of details to place the different characters and their individual lives that all tie into each other. I really like the cast too as even though we are all different ages I think we get along really nicely and they’re like a second family.

What’s the atmosphere like backstage? It’s really positive as we are all having fun but it is equally balanced with focus and support of those performing.

Limited tickets are available for Into The Woods – email theatretickets@oakham.sch.uk to book your place before it sells out.

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