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9th March 2022

Behind the BTEC: Qualification gives budding Pilot the right tools to take flight

In the launch of a new campaign, ‘Behind the BTEC’, Oakham School is exploring how pupils across its Upper School are taking advantage of this qualification. Offered alongside A-levels and the IB Diploma, BTECs provide pupils with a different approach to learning, and can be a suitable fit for those looking to achieve certain career goals.

We caught up with Form 7 pupil James on how studying a Business BTEC course has helped him get into flight school.

Please tell us more about your pursuit to becoming a Pilot.

“Next year I am going to flight school and starting my journey as a pilot. Doing the BTEC helped my application, as I was able to show my interest in the industry in the interview process as I chose an airline as my chosen business for the coursework modules.”

Why did you choose to do a BTEC?

“I decided to do the BTEC Business course as it played to my strengths compared to A-level Business. The BTEC offers a more modular format with exams and assessments throughout the course. This allows for more of a guarantee of grades as well as pressure slightly eased in the exam season sitting two A-levels rather than three.”

James is also studying History and Geography at A-level and doing the BTEC has allowed him to focus on these subjects especially during the mocks and going into the exams in the summer.

How has the BTEC supported your learning?

“It provides a much wider range of knowledge in the subject as well as going into more depth than the A-level and in a more practical and hands-on way.”

How has it helped you improve your skills?

“So far, my skills in time management and organisation have improved massively due to tight coursework deadlines and this has filtered into my other subjects benefiting them as well. I have really enjoyed learning about recruitment in certain businesses as well as learning about how businesses operate on a day-to-day basis allowing for their success.”

“As well as this, being able to do assessments throughout helps guarantee certain grades and helps encourage more ambitious targets, therefore improving my results and having massive advantages in life after Oakham.”  

What’s your favourite thing about the BTEC?

“My favourite thing is being able to select the business that you look at for coursework modules, therefore increasing your own knowledge about a business or industry which could also be useful in the future.”

“Doing BTEC Business has also helped me demonstrate my ability to work to deadlines and to be target driven, which is what the flight school selection panel wants to see in applicants and what the BTEC offers to all students.”

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