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8th January 2021

Beautiful Piano Recital

Our Winter Term Music at Lunchtime series was brought to a close this week with a beautiful piano recital by Samantha, a Form 5 music exhibitioner. Samantha performed a challenging recital of music by Beethoven, Schumann and Prokofiev.

To open the recital, we heard the Allegro molto con brio movement from Beethoven’s Sonata in C minor. This dramatic and energetic movement succeeded at capturing the attention of the audience with its contrasting sections. Samantha executed the transitions exquisitely, no easy feat!

Next, we heard Romance in F sharp major by Robert Schumann. This Romance was one of a set of three composed for his wife, Clara. Clara was particularly fond of this piece and asked to hear it when she was dying; it was utlimately the last piece of music that she ever heard. Knowing this heartbreaking story allowed the audience to experience the true power of the beautiful melodic lines. Samantha’s hard work has clearly paid off; the pause before the applause shows the impact the music and her performance had on the audience.

Finally, we heard a selection of movements from Prokofiev’s Visions fugitives, op. 22. Samantha had the opportunity to express her musical maturity with a series of short pieces with dramatic dynamic and rhythmic contrasts and many dissonant harmonies. 

An impressive recital and a fantastic conclusion to our Winter Term Music at Lunchtime. 

All the recitals from this term are available to watch here.

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