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13th December 2021

Aspiring Medics Use Lego to Prepare for University Interviews

Oakham pupils who are applying for university courses in Medicine have been preparing for their interviews with a Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) workshop this week.

Multi-tasking stations were set up in one of the Science labs for Form 7 pupils to challenge their ability to do several things at once, including sessions in role-playing and interviewing.

The aim of these tasks was to mirror what working in Medicine will be like, when they will need to carry out your role carefully and accurately whilst dealing with many different things at once.

One of the sessions saw the pupils create Lego houses whilst keeping a conversation going for five minutes about the problems of Brexit.

They were then judged on how they managed each of the tasks simultaneously and given constructive feedback to help them improve.

The session was led by Dr Andrew Nicoll, Teacher of Biology at Oakham School. He said: “The aim of these tasks was to prepare students for the MMIs they will be doing as they apply for courses in Medicine.”

“The challenges were all designed to get the students accustomed to the kind of multi-tasking required for a person working in the field.”

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