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25th February 2020

Art workshop for Teachers as part of the Sketchbook Circle

The Director of Art, Mrs Elinor Brass hosted a day of workshops at Oakham School for Art teachers from all over the country as part of a successful collaborative project she runs called the Sketchbook Circle. The project encourages Art teachers to make time for their own personal work.

Elinor tells us more:-

“Each January a circle is established and it lasts for a year. Every artist in the circle creates some work in a book and then posts it to the person next to them in the circle. The recipient creates some further art in response to the work they have received and then posts the book back. The book then goes back and forth like a pendulum, resulting in two in-depth artistic conversations occurring over the course of a year.”

It is a demanding project as it stretches the artists to respond to someone else’s artwork. It is also incredibly rewarding.”

Elinor continues, “The recent workshops gave the educational artists an opportunity to experiment with Gelli plate printing and some image transfer techniques. It was also a chance for teachers to share ideas and experiences.”

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