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29th May 2024

Art Trip to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and The Hepworth Wakefield

On Tuesday 21st May, Form 4 GCSE Art students had an early start, with a jam packed day out in Yorkshire visiting the Hepworth Gallery and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Students spent the morning in one location and the afternoon in the other gathering lots of photographs and information to support their GCSE projects. Both exhibition spaces were full of inspiration and variety. The Hepworth Gallery offered multiple exhibitions including ‘Kim Lim: Space, Rhythm and Light’ which displayed a wide breadth of 100 artworks inspired by forms found in the natural world. It is a peaceful space that allowed students the opportunity to draw and make exciting marks in response to the work.


The weather was perfect for the afternoon strolling around the Yorkshire sculpture park, which boasts 90 outdoors sculptures and 3 filled exhibitions spaces. Including the gorgeous, renovated chapel space which housed the magnificent work by Leilah Babirye, sculptures carved from trees that had reached the end of their life in the park combined with recycled mechanical parts. Students had a wonderful day, experimenting with viewfinders and coloured acetates for photography, as they were encouraged to consider different viewpoints and different ways of capturing the spaces and work around them. The trip was a highly valued day, and all students gathered a large bundle of resources that they will continue to develop back in the school studios over the coming half term.



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