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23rd November 2021

Art Scholars’ get Oakham School community involved with their Spring exhibition

Form 6 Art Scholars asked members of the School community the question ‘Who Are You?’, the answers they will use as inspiration for their exhibition in the Spring Term.

Director of Art Mrs Elinor Brass tells us more:-

“Form 6 scholars used the Smallbone Library as a place to collect ideas for an art exhibition to be held in spring. Before the event, they discussed how to capture the information they needed and engage as many people as possible. The pupils planned and set up the activity, trying to be thoughtful about limiting the waste they created by using recycled materials or things that could be used again. They decided to pose a question and invite other school community members to respond through writing on a piece of paper that was added to a large board, bringing together all the contributions in one place. The question that the pupils posed was: ‘who are you?’ as they wanted to get participants to reflect on their own identity and to reveal something about themselves.  The collaborative piece was developed over the course of a lunchtime and will stay in the library for a short time while the scholars consider how to use the materials that have been generated.  Watch this space.”

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