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8th April 2020

Art at home via Oakham Art’s Instagram

Oakham Art’s Instagram account @oakham_art has been helping us to stay creative, inspired and connected this Easter by posting daily art prompts to challenge our minds. 

Tasks include creating a piece of art in less than 5 minutes, creating a piece of art with the non-dominant hand, 5pm sun-shadow tracing and drawing an object without looking at the page, focusing only on the object.

Trainee Teacher of Art, Jess Gilbert, who manages the account said, “I’ve had some really nice feedback. I love how everyone can take the same starting point and make something completely unique.” Jess continues, “It is also a great way to help people to be creative and connected online without having to leave the house.”

To join in with the fun, follow @oakham_art and share your creations via #oakhamschoolart.


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