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6th April 2022

An Interview With: Upper School Art Student India

Describe your art:

I’ve always wanted to capture an element of the ‘wow factor’ in my art and I feel that I can do this best through the use of colour. I use vibrant and bold palettes in a playful way to capture the human form, flowers, trees and much more. This playful element can be seen in my experimental layered plastic apron as well as studying the works of Henry Darger where I was able to transform his watercolours into tapestries for a child’s dress. I also have a big interest in the use of the camera which is why I wanted to create a green screen dress, not only does it contribute towards my love for film and photography, but it also ties my studies of colour together perfectly.

When did you first become interested in art?

I couldn’t tell you my first memory of me drawing or creating art as it would have been too early for me to remember. I do, however remember being told at around the age of seven that you could create art for a living and ever since then it has been my aim to produce art of some form that can be appreciated by many.

What is your favourite tool or material to work with?

I feel I can express myself best when using a sewing machine, especially when embroidering. When I sew with a machine, I can focus on the smallest details for example, embroidering a butterfly wing or the bark of a tree. I love how I can also be ambitious with my sewing as I was able to sew through acetate and plastic using a sewing machine.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Pinterest is always the best place to start but once I had settled with my research on there I discovered art works by Hannah Höch, Adela Andea, Susie Freeman and Henry Darger. As art has influenced so much of my life, a great deal of my inspiration came from my own childhood which can be seen through old imagery throughout my work, I even incorporated my childhood photos into the tapestries at the bottom of the child’s dress.

What are you going to study next year?

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