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6th April 2022

An Interview With: Upper School Art student Finn

Describe your art.

The ethos for a lot of my pieces sits an interest to immerse the onlooker in all i create whether this be through conveying emotion within my pieces or through a more visual aspect. My works looks at finding a balance between abstract and semi realistic styles to create bases for my pieces, through themes of distortion and organics influences.

When did you first become interested in art?

My earliest memories of art were from prep school, finger painting in year one and drawing in year four. Being creative is something that has always been engraved in me although it wasn’t until the end my time at prep school, where this converted to some physical pieces.  

What is your favourite tool or material to work with?  

Charcoal, a mixtures of mediums, collage and acrylic, stitch. 

Where do you find creative inspiration?

A lot of my work contains characteristics of the built environment and surrounding areas to which we live in, much of my first-hand Photography based of this and was a big inspiration for a lot of my pieces. Contrasting this, the human form was also a great inspiration for a lot of my pieces, where I contrasted the natural with a more structured and built environment, taking inspiration from artists such as Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor.

What are you going to study next year?

Next year I will be studying architecture.

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