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10th February 2020

An Interview with Art student Josh

Form 7 pupil Josh talks to us about his Artwork.

Describe your art:

I would say my art is quite eclectic, and covers a range of different styles, genres, techniques and mediums. But essentially I would say that my art is a direct translation of what is going on my head; whether it be a photorealistic drawing and some hand embroidery when I am in a precise and patient mindset, or a fashion illustration that completely opposes the idea of preciseness when I feel like letting loose.

When did you first become interested in art?

My entire life I have been surrounded by creative minds, my mother is a strong sculptor and my father has been working in the architecture and interior design sector for the majority of my life. But I started really becoming involved in art and wanting to pursue a career in the creative industry just before Form 3. One of the main criteria when considering whether to study at Oakham was the quality of the art department and Oakham’s stood above the vast majority of other art departments.

What is your favourite tool or material to work with?

Due to my art covering many different mediums selecting one tool or material as my favourite would be quite a challenge. But if I could only have 7 things with me it would be: my scissors, sewing machine, fabric and thread, a pencil, a rubber, and a film camera.

Where do you go to find creative inspiration?

My creative inspiration originates from a range of things but the most important one is what I see through the viewfinder of my cameras.

What is the first arty thing you can remember making?

I remember sitting in my home kitchen and making candle pots, plates and mugs out of clay and painting on them with my mum.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Art at Pre U level?

At the start it seems daunting, and the amount of work needed to achieve high grades is a lot. However, I have been able to develop my own styles and grow my portfolio drastically as a result of working through every section of the course, enabling me to use techniques and media I would not have previously used.

What are you going to study next year?

I hope to attend the University of the Arts London group and to complete a BA in bespoke tailoring at the London College of Fashion. My backup is to complete a BA in Fashion Design and Development, again at the London College of Fashion.

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