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11th February 2022

An afternoon treat of Kabalevsky’s Violin Concerto

In this concert, we were treated to a complete performance of Kabalevsky’s vibrant Violin Concerto in C major. Lucy Collison, now in her final year at Oakham school, has performed in numerous Lunchtime Concerts over the years but this was perhaps her most thrilling yet. The first movement of the concerto has a joyful and dancelike opening contrasted with more lyrical and reflective passages – Lucy transitioned beautifully between these two sound worlds taking the audience on a journey through light and shade before the triumphant final chords. The second movement opens with a sumptuous long melody to which Lucy brought richness and intensity, she soared to the top of the instrument as the melody took on big octave leaps. In the middle section exploited the use of dotted rhythms and rubato to create a playful and characterful feel which eventually winds back down to return to the music of the opening.  Lucy was bursting with energy in the finale which was full of impressive virtuosity. Her brilliant technical facility made light work of the passagework which kept an incredible pace. There was poise and drama in the cadenza, and she brought the concerto to a fabulous flurry of energy and joy at the conclusion. Bravo!  Lucy will be playing this concerto with the Oakham School Symphony Orchestra in the Gala Concert on 6th March – we cannot wait!

Click here to watch it!

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