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16th March 2022

A percussion journey of flamboyance, skill and bravado

Wow. What can I say? This was playing at such an elite level, that it was hard to comprehend that all these sounds were coming from a boy due to take his GCSE exams in the summer. From the moment Eddie Marshall walked onto the stage, put on his headphones, and the click track was turned on, it was a case of ‘hang onto your hats’ as Eddie took us on a percussion journey of flamboyance, skill and bravado. Opening with ‘Not So Simple Samba’ ( has a title ever summed up a piece better than this), Eddie started playing the drum kit as if it was a mini samba ensemble; with timbales to the fore. The rhythm was infectious and the technique spellbinding as a shaker was played with one hand whilst the other arm and two legs kept the kit rhythm going; amazing. The mood was completely changed with Turnage’s Crackdown. A solo drum piece with sections in free time, sections with ‘second line’ drum beat, use of soft sticks, and a feeling of calm and peace throughout. Eddie then moved across the stage to a solo snare drum to play the 3rd and 4th movements of American Suite by Gauthreaux. It started softly with brushes and needed smooth changes as it went from two brushes to one stick and a brush, to the finish with two sticks. Complex rudiments and rhythms were constant throughout as were a range of virtuosic techniques but throughout was a sense of great musicianship. Eddie finished his recital with Dave Weckl’s Island Magic. This was a tour de force, with Eddie back on the kit laying down a wonderful fusion-based groove that required mind-blowing technique, rhythm and coordination. At the end of the concert, I walked out in awe at what I had just heard, as I am sure did everyone lucky enough to attend.

Click here to watch it.

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