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20th August 2020

2020 GCSE results

In what has been a roller coaster few days for schools across the United Kingdom, we are delighted that we can pause to celebrate the positive and well-deserved results for our Form 5 pupils. In a year that has seen a well-publicized and understandable spike in results nationally, we are pleased to see 20% of Oakham’s grades awarded grade 9; almost 40% awarded grade 9-8 (A*); over 60% awarded grade 9-7 (A*-A) and 99.5% awarded grade 9-4 (A*-C). 

“Whilst the GCSE results process has been smoother than last week’s A-level results, this has nevertheless been an unsettling period for pupils at Oakham and across the country,” says Headmaster Henry Price.  “Despite the fact that there have been no examinations, the hard work of this year group warrants recognition and endorsement. I congratulate them all, not only on their results, but also for their resilience, determination and good sense. I hope that they can now look forward to returning to School and beginning the next leg of their academic journey. The Sixth Form always presents something of a fresh start for pupils in any school, and there is huge amount to look forward to in the Upper School at Oakham. The fact that so many of our pupils, both current and those joining us, engaged so well in last term’s Academic Cornerstone and Bridging Courses, will enable them to hit the ground running in September.” 

Mr Price continues, “I would like to take this moment to thank all the staff, who have supported and guided these pupils over the last few years and in these last months of lockdown in particular. The interaction of academic and pastoral support is intrinsic to all we do and I am grateful for the expertise, time and care of my colleagues.” 

Following the tumultuous last few weeks, the School’s sights now are firmly set on a successful and safe start to the term and we all cannot wait to see the School buzzing with life again. 

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