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19th October 2023

Sport&me with Emily

The sport&me series gives an insight into Oakham School pupils’ relationship with sport. We ask how their sport has developed during their time at Oakham, how it fits into their busy lives and what they love about the sports they play.

Emily’s Story

I’m Emily, I joined Oakham School in Lower 1 and I have recently moved into Round House for Form 7.

I have been playing hockey here since I joined in Lower 1.


Do you have any key achievements from playing hockey at School?

In Form 2 we were lucky enough to go to nationals and in Form 3 we came runners up in Tier 1.

Another one has to be playing in the first team in Form 6 as well as Form 7.


What do you enjoy most about playing hockey?

I like hockey because it is a team sport, especially because i get to play with my friends.

Also, I like the fact that there are individual elements to the game too.


What has been your experience of the coaching here at Oakham School?

Since I started playing hockey in Lower 1, I have felt as though the coaching is focusing on you.

Also, outside of hockey you have the strength and conditioning and one to one meetings so you are able to develop your personal game as well as developing as a team together.


What is it like playing hockey at Oakham School?

A typical week includes two hour hockey training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays with games being mostly on Saturdays.

Strength and Conditioning fits around the school day and free periods depending on the work you have which I really like because then there is sport throughout the days and not just at the end of your day.


How has hockey helped with friendships throughout your time at School?

Hockey has really helped me with making friends as the teams are made of people in different houses whether they are full or flexi boarders or even day pupils.

Also, during training teams often train together so you are always making friendships even with those who aren’t playing in the same side as you.


What are your highlights from your hockey career so far?

I am really proud to have played in the A team ever since joining Oakham School.

Also, the School really helped me with the England Academy Pathway through the years which developed my game allowing me to play at a regional and county level.

This also helped me achieve one of my highlights of placing runner up in the challenger cup.


Do you have any advice for younger pupils who are looking at playing sport at a School like Oakham?

I’d say that my advice is honestly just to throw yourself into everything as they have a programme which is designed to help you progress and develop.  I only really started playing hockey when I came to Oakham School in Lower 1 and looking back and seeing the difference between then and now, I have a lot to be grateful for.

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