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10th July 2023

sport&me with Joe

The sport&me series of blogs looks at Oakham School pupils’ relationship with sport. We ask how their sport has developed during their time at Oakham, how it fits into their busy lives and what they love about the sports they play.

Form 7 pupil Joe is a talented cricketer, batting no.3 and bowling leg-spin. He joined Oakham School in Lower 1 in 2016.


Joe’s Story

I grew up South Africa and moved over here in 2016, so I joined in the second term of Lower 1.

I’ve been playing cricket as long I can remember. I grew up in quite a sporty family. Ever since I can remember I’ve been holding a cricket bat and cricket ball.

I started taking my cricket seriously when I arrived here and I started playing in the Lower School 1st team. It’s kicked-on ever since I joined Oakham really.

When I was in Form 2, I was part of a team that went to the semi-finals. We genuinely had quite a strong team over the last few years. In the U15s we had quite a good cup run as well. We’ve been going from strength-to-strength as a team.


Staff at Oakham

You’ve got Mr Latham, who’s Director of Cricket. I’ve been with Mr Latham ever since Lower 1, so it’s quite special. I’ve developed quite a good relationship with them and it’s good to work with them. Mr Hales is younger and fresh from university; it’s always nice to have a fresh face as well and he’s very, very keen on his cricket!


Facilities at Oakham

The facilities we have here are really quite incredible, with the new nets we’ve had developed. The opportunities we have are quite special, with the continuous fixtures, I think it’s helped my cricket a lot.


The Friendships

In the first team there’s about seven or eight Form 7 boys and we’ve grown up with each other. I’ve got a mate, Julius, who’s been here since Lower 1, and others I’ve been with since Form 2. We play together in other sports and we’ve developed such a good team vibe. We all just click with each other.


Special Moments

I was in Form 3, playing for the Form 4 team and we went away to Shrewsbury, a long, three hour drive, and we managed to chase down almost 300 runs. It was quite a special day, where everything clicked right.

Just last Saturday, the first team played against Stowe. We won in the dying lights of the day – I think there were about six overs left, needing one more wicket with everyone surrounding the bat. I ended up taking the last wicket, which was quite special.


Outside of Oakham School

In 2020 I joined the Leicestershire Academy and I’ve been there ever since. In September, I find out if I get a contract or not. I’ve been playing second team for Leicestershire as well. Due to exams I’ve unfortunately had to miss a few, but now I’m finished I can hopefully get a few more fixtures in the summer.


Advice for Younger Pupils

I think the main thing is just to have fun. And just listen to the coaches really. They know best – especially  at Oakham!

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