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6th October 2023

Meet the Language Assistants

The Oakham School community is delighted to welcome seven new language assistants who will spend the next academic year helping our students improve their fluency in French, German and Spanish.
We caught up with Carla, Clara, Jacob, Jessica, Julie, Justine and Remi to find out a bit more about them – their home town, their first impressions of Oakham, their interests, and what they are looking forward to experiencing this year.

Spanish Language Assistant

Carla Gonzalez del Pino – Spanish
I am from the capital of Gran Canaria, one of the biggest islands of the Canary Islands. My first impressions of Oakham are very nice; it is such a cute, welcoming place, with very wonderful people.
This isn’t the first time that Carla has been in the UK.
I worked as an au pair a few years ago during the summer and I love the country. I have also had different chances to visit it when I was studying abroad and with my friends and family.
Carla is hoping to become a teacher in Spain, so coming to the UK is part of that plan.
As a future teacher in Spain, I am very interested in the education system here in the UK as it is very different from ours, and to learn different methods to teach.
I am hoping to learn about myself as to meet new people and be able to make new friends. I would also like to improve my English level as well as learning from the internal culture and the traditions.

Spanish Language Assistant Clara Mosteiro Outeda – Spanish Assistant
I am from a small town in Galicia, Spain, which is one of the most beautiful places on the coast of Spain. My first impressions of Oakham are very good, it is a lovely, welcoming place and the people are wonderful. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen to work at this school.
This is Clara’s first visit to the UK and she has some big plans for the year ahead.
I am keen to learn about the UK education system and also to learn a lot about the teachers and their teaching methods at this school. I hope to connect with that part of me that is so passionate about teaching and learning. I also hope to soak up the culture and traditions of the UK, as well as improve my English.

Spanish Language Assistant Jacob Chico Cruz – Spanish Assistant
I’m from Mexico and I’m very proud of my cultural background. I was born and raised in Puebla which is located about 70 miles southeast of Mexico City. It is at the foot of the Popocatepetl volcano. This city is quite important because of its position between the port of Veracruz and closeness to Mexico City. Also, UNESCO has listed the city as part of the World Heritage site due to its architecture, food and Talavera tiles as well as other gastronomic and cultural aspects.
This is Jacob’s first visit to the UK, and his first impressions are very favourable.
This is my first time in UK, I am just impressed about many things like on how inclusion is possible in the cities and schools. Also, I have noticed about the protection of nature and this amazing idea on recycling and caring for the environment.
To me Oakham is like home. People have helped me a lot here. I have noticed that not only the school focuses on the academic aspects but to create a community where everyone matters and encourages teamworking, self-realization and appreciation for diversity.
Jacob is keen to make the most of his year in the UK.
Personally, I want to have the time of my life. I love music and singing. I am considering joining a choir and booking singing lessons with some music teachers around here so I can learn more about singing techniques and expand my repertoire from UK composers.
I also would like to write a proposal about research related to teaching in a foreign country so I can participate in a TESOL conference overseas. I think that type of event can help you understand your teaching better and talking to other teachers can be inspiring.

German Language Assistant Jessica Kutscher – German Assistant
I am from Dresden, a beautiful city in the east of Germany. Oakham is a nice, quiet town, and everyone here is so friendly!
This isn’t the first time that Jessica has visited the UK.
I was here for a week on a class trip in 2018. We stayed mostly in London, but also visited some other cities.
Jessica explains why she chose to come to the UK as a language assistant.
I am studying to become a German and English teacher and I was looking for an opportunity to gain more experience teaching and working with students and to also be abroad to improve my English, so this is the perfect position.
I am really looking forward to learning as much as I can about British culture, the country, teaching, the English language and so on.
Jessica has some interesting hobbies that might come in handy with her teaching.
I do karate, play the French Horn and German mediaeval bagpipes (Deutscher Marktsack), and I am into crafts. I also like reading, writing, and listening to music.

Justine Cauvas – French Assistant
I am from Toulouse also called “la ville rose” (pink city). It is a multicultural and beautiful city in the South of France where people like to get together after work and have a drink near the Garonne River. Oakham is very charming and peaceful. I feel like I am in a very authentic British town.
This isn’t the first time that Justine has visited the UK.
I have some family in London, so I came once to visit them.
Justine is really looking forward to getting stuck into the teaching side of things.
I’d like to create cultural and educational projects later, so having a teaching experience with students is really enriching for me because I don’t get many opportunities to talk to the new generation and I’m really enjoying learning more about them.
I have always been passionate by foreign languages and cultures. I am very curious so I really love learning new things. During my spare time I like walking and visiting museums.
What are you are most looking forward to experiencing this year?
I’d like to improve my teaching techniques and learn from Oakham teachers. Above all, I’d like to see how my pupils develop in French. I’d be very happy if they felt more at ease after this year.

French Language Assistant Julie Lecomte – French Assistant
I am from a town next to Lille, in the North of France. I live five minutes from the Belgium border by foot, which is very convenient. I can go there and eat some French fries, as they taste very good.
Oakham is a lovely city. Small, but calm, which is something that I particularly enjoy from time to time.
Why have you chosen to be a language assistant this year?
After finishing my English degree in France, I wanted to do a gap year before starting my master’s degree. Being an assistant will help me decide if I would like to be a teacher as, before my assistantship, I had not planned any lessons or known everything that entails being a teacher.
Julie has been to the UK many times before.
I have always enjoyed traveling to the UK. I have been to London several times with my family, to Brighton, Canterbury and Dover. A couple of years ago, I went to London for three weeks with EF (Education First). I stayed in a host family and loved the experience, which motivated me to apply to be an assistant in the UK.
I have not been to another country in the UK rather than England yet, but it is something that I am planning on rectifying.
What are your interests?
I particularly enjoy reading in English during my free-time, especially fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels. I try to always have a book with me in case I have some time to escape to another world. I love listening to music. I like many genres for example EDM (Electronic Dance Music), or pop music. My favourite artist is Taylor Swift, but I also enjoy listening to Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and many more.
I am very keen on discovering new places, people, and cultures. That is why I enjoy traveling. Australia and Canada are two countries that I would love to visit.
What are you are most looking forward to experiencing this year?
I am looking forward to experiencing what it is like to teach, and just be a teacher in general, as it will help me decide if this is what I really want to be later. I am also looking forward to knowing what it is like to live in England for a year, as I have only ever lived in France.

French Language Assistant Remi Pozin – French Assistant
I am from Hauterives, a little town south of Lyon in France. Oakham is cute, but a bit too small.
This isn’t the first time that Remi has visited the UK.
I once spent five days in the UK on a school trip.
Why have you chosen to be a language assistant this year?
To improve my English and improve myself.


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