Housemistress of Stevens

In Stevens, we aim to provide a secure, supportive and stimulating environment in which the girls can grow and succeed, but which at times will also challenge them. This may be to try something different, or to take responsibility, and may well include them realising that you can learn from your mistakes. The House is their home while they are at School, and so is a base with a family atmosphere on a large scale; living with more than 60 other people is inevitably different from life at home.

Stevens is a Boarding House where most flexi-boarding girls aged 13–17 live. Through living together as a close community, Stevens girls learn to be accepting of others and their differences. With experienced guidance they also develop the ability to work out who they are, and what they want from life as well as, crucially, what they can contribute. Stevens girls are a multi-talented bunch with a whole range of interests and strengths; there is certainly no pressure to fit a particular mould.

Stevens girls are a multi-talented bunch with a whole range of interests and strengths; there is certainly no pressure to fit a particular mould.

Our position right at the centre of the main campus means that we at the heart of school life, and we really enjoy being particularly close to the Music School and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, as well as sharing part of our house with the Headmaster.

In the words of the girls themselves, Stevens provides a friendly, family atmosphere; it is a comfortable and fun place to be where everyone is welcome. We encourage the girls to be polite and look out for each other at all times.

Our prefect team, led by the Head of House, help to organise house events and interhouse competitions, with highlights being our annual “Pink Party” and the House singing competition.

History of the House

  • Opened as Deanscroft in 1948 and for many years the Headmaster of the School was also the Housemaster
  • In 1989 the boys of Deanscroft were moved to the new purpose-built boarding house of Haywoods
  • Deanscroft became a girls boarding house and was renamed Stevens after Mike Stevens, Housemaster, Deputy Head and Acting Headmaster at Oakham

About the Housemistress

I joined the Mathematics Department at Oakham in 2012, having previously taught in Northamptonshire for several years. I studied Civil Engineering and worked for the MoD before taking up my teaching career in London in 2000. At Oakham, I have been an Upper School Tutor, working in boarding between Rushebrookes and Round House and have spent the last four years as Senior Tutor in Gunthorpe. I have a love of the outdoors and have been involved with the D of E Award for many years, leading groups here since joining the school. I joined Stevens as Housemistress in 2018 with my husband, Richard and our three grown up ‘children’, the youngest of whom left Oakham in 2016. When I have some spare time I love cooking, walking, cycling and gardening.