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Because of boarding, I know my friends on a deeper level and out bonds are so special

– Hannah (Form 3)



Despite only joining the School this academic year, boarding came naturally to Hannah.

“I actually find boarding really good, because you get to know people much faster when you live with them than if you were just in the same classes.”

“I feel like a lot of people must think it’s really hard to live with your friends because you might end up getting sick of each other, but you get along really well with your House mates, and we haven’t had many arguments or anything.”


With her Boarding House feeling like home, Hannah finds she doesn’t get homesick because she’s with her friends.

“I surprisingly don’t really get that homesick. Right when I first came to Oakham School I told my roommates that I’m from Germany and it was quite fun because they wanted to learn some German words and I feel like talking about my home and culture meant I was able to share it and celebrate it rather than feeling sad that I’m not there.”

“I’ve met two girls here that I travel with now who are also from Germany and I’m able to speak with them in German so it kind of makes you not miss it as much and not get worried that you’re going to forget the language.”


Whilst she is a boarding pupil, Hannah stays well-connected with her family and sees them often.

“Travelling home to Germany is always quite easy and it’s a fairly short trip so I can go there quite regularly for Long Leave Out weekend. Sometimes I’ll choose to stay in the UK and go to London, because I have a friend there and my parents will fly over here quite a lot too because it’s so close.”


The bonds Hannah has made in her House are, and always will be, very special to her.

“You experience so much more with your friends in House, because it’s not like you’re just in lessons with them; you see so much of their lives and you get to share the highs and lows with them.”

“The bonds you make with everyone around you are so special in the House I’m in. Even if you’re not as close with some people, you always know where to go if you need to talk to someone, and you know that there’s always someone that’s there for you.”