Joining the School

There are six main steps in the entry process to Oakham School:

For information about school uniform and other items to bring with you please click here

  1. Book an Open Morning

    Parents and children tend to attend an Open Morning at our School to get a feel for Oakham life and to see the School in action. There is also the option to book an individual visit. 

  2. Register

    After visiting, you can make your interest in the School clear by registering with us. This doesn’t imply any commitment; it just means we can keep in touch with you and let you know when you need to take further action. Please complete our registration form and a registration fee is also required.

    Please also send the following:-

    • A colour copy of your child’s full birth certificate (the version which names parents).
    • A colour copy of your child’s passport (the photo page).
    • If applicable, a copy of any educational psychologist report (or any other specialist report) for your child.
  3. Confirm your interest.

    To confirm that Oakham is your first choice of school, we will request a deposit, which is refundable if we are unable to offer you a place. The timing of this request depends on the proposed entry point. Once we’ve received your deposit, we will provisionally assign you a House and make you an offer of a place, subject to our entry requirements being fulfilled.

  4. UK Prep School applicants for Year 9 are expected to participate in a Pre-Interview during the first or second term of Year 7.
  5. Sit the entrance exam (and scholarship exams if applicable)

    Your child will be invited to sit the entrance exam at the School, unless they are already sitting the Common Entrance exam at their own school. If your child is applying for a scholarship, there will be additional assessments around this time. View upcoming exam dates. 

  6. Accept your offer

    If you fulfil the entry requirements – congratulations! We will make you an offer of a place. Once you’ve accepted your offer, we will send you information on everything you need to know, from school uniform to induction dates.