International Joiners

Oakham has a diverse and exciting student body, welcoming pupils of all ages from nearly 40 different countries! Around 16% of Oakham pupils are international students, and we celebrate the different perspectives they bring to enrich our community.

We know it can be a bit daunting arriving at a new school in a different country, so we will do all we can to help you settle in, make friends and feel at home. You’ll join a boarding house with pupils from the UK and other countries, and there’s plenty of support if English isn’t your first language (please ask about this when you enquire).

If you live outside the UK and don’t hold a British passport, you will need a visa to come and study here.

“From the very first day at Oakham there is a feeling of being very welcomed here. Everyone is so supportive and friendly, so your boarding house quickly becomes your home away from home. Boarding life at Oakham gives you a great opportunity to make friendships with people all over the world and to experience traditions of a British boarding school at the same time. This isn’t only about making good memories, but also about getting an invaluable experience in communicating with different people and dealing with difficulties. Oakham is definitely the place which you will always look forward to returning, while you’re away.”

Form 7 pupil and International Boarder, Liza