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The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

Richard P Feynman

Physics is the subject that attempts to understand the rules that make our universe work the way it does – the so-called ‘Laws of Physics’.

The Oakham Physics Department is a stimulating environment in which to work and study. It has superb resources and its teachers are experienced physicists with a range of specialisms and research backgrounds, who are all committed to inspiring in our pupils a love of Physics.

In the Lower School (Years 6–8), pupils follow Oakham’s own Junior Science Programme, which includes all three pure Sciences weaved into one coherent course, delivered by a team of dedicated teaching staff and technicians.

In Forms 3–5 (Years 9–11), pupils study all three Sciences with subject specialists, following GCSE courses tailored to their needs.

In the Upper School (Sixth Form), students can study Physics at A-level or the IB Diploma, both of which require a deep level of understanding and a willingness from students to undertake their own research and analysis. Further Physics sessions are offered to all whose ambitions are set higher than the standard A-level diet.

Each year, students are offered the opportunity to enter the British Physics Olympiad and the Senior Physics Challenge. Beyond these theoretical exams, we also make use of our extensive industrial links to open up engineering initiatives such as CREST and Industrial Cadets Gold.